EMN Ad-Hoc Queries

Through Ad-Hoc Queries, the National Contact Points in the European Migration Network (EMN) and the European Commission can collect, on relatively short-time notice, comparative information on asylum and migration-related issues from each Member State; typical subjects include legal migration, irregular migration, return and visas.

Once the National Contact Points respond to the Ad-Hoc Query, all responses are merged in summary form. This summary makes it possible to identify at a glance the information provided by the Member States on that specific topic. The responses are circulated amongst the EMN National Contact Points, and any information approved for wider dissemination is made available on the EMN website for use by the general public.

Compilations of EMN Ad-Hoc Queries can be found grouped on the central EMN website in the following broad thematic categories:

  • Asylum
  • Border
  • Circular migration
  • Economic migration
  • EU Acquis
  • Family reunification
  • Illegal immigration
  • Integration
  • Irregular migration
  • Legal migration
  • Migration and development
  • Miscellaneous
  • Organisation of policy
  • Other
  • Protection
  • Residence
  • Return
  • Statistics
  • Student migration